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tv   [untitled]    September 4, 2011 4:31am-5:01am EDT

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country's legitimate power but british m.p. barry garner believes the u.k. has gone far beyond the un resolution next r.t. talks to the labor politician who voted against the intervention. today i'm talking to barry gardener he's a labor member of parliament and one of the very few m.p.'s to a very serious against the intervention in libya mr gardiner thanks for talking to r.t. today now we see that the rebels if we can still call them that have practically taken tripoli and that gaddafi looks like he's lost the fight have you changed your mind about the libyan intervention the point is the legitimacy of it and that's what i created in the beginning and i think most people would agree that it was right to intervene on humanitarian grounds to save the people of benghazi that was never the issue the issue was all whether nato should then become involved as effectively the strikeforce for the rebel course and that's what it's been and that
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of course was in my view way beyond the brief that the united nations had given and it was wrong it was not the should have been about regime change a civil war in libya is something for them it's not something for the rest of the world to intervene how do you wish it could have been different then what would you have done if you'd been in charge i think what we should have seen is we should have seen an intervention by the forces that went in to stop that attack on benghazi to neutralize gadhafi and to make sure that he then did not conduct any aggressive sorties as he had previously been doing but not that they should then become the air on the straight forward for the rebels david cameron said a few days ago that nato would lend support in libya for as long as civilians need protecting what was your reaction to that is that open ended commitment as it sounds. it was very clear in the original un
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resolution it was very clear when our prime minister spoke in parliament here that there would be no. occupation force that would be totally wrong one of the things that troubled me all was this big balloons as to whether there should be troops on the ground and of course that wasn't expressly prohibited by the resolution but but it was something that i think all of us were very concerned about. what we saw as the rebels were going into tripoli the other day certainly on the radio programs that were broadcast in the u.k. we would go left go left go left these instructions being yelled out by what were obviously british soldiers british personnel who were leading that
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advance group now that i think it's where we've overstepped the line there's also now talk of putting peacekeeping forces on the ground in libya i seen that something you oppose but you know decimated country with no structures for maintaining order now is that not the only way i don't believe it is i don't believe it's right that we should be staying there. to establish the new regime that's not what this was originally about it was about humanitarian protection now let me be clear i am very pleased to see the back of gadhafi who is a very evil dictator the sooner he is in front of the international criminal court the better. and i'm very glad that his days are now at an end i wish for the new regime well but i think it's important that they establish their regime they prove to the international community that they have the capacity not to tear
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themselves into different factions and to libya as a strong and unified government but that's their responsibility you supported the invasion of iraq back in two thousand and. three why is this different it's very different. the invasion of iraq was because. saddam hussein had refused to reveal as he was obliged to under the chapter seven of the united nations resolution whether or not he had got rid of all of the nuclear chemical and. biological weapons that we knew he had previously. he refused to do that even as late as february hans blix was saying we do not know whether he still has these he listed a whole load of v.x. nerve gas mustard gas different agents chemical agents so we didn't know and he was not willing to allow. other countries to come to interview the scientists to see
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the audit trails to know whether he got rid of them or not in that situation it would have been ludicrous to have had a million strong army that was on the doorstep of iraq simply go away when the resolution fourteen forty one had given iran given him a final opportunity to comply with his obligations how the world done that then what would have happened is he would have simply rebuilt those programs with impunity knowing that he was absolutely untouchable and the world would not do anything against him we would have then been precipitated into a far more major conflict into the in the middle east between iran and iraq with devastating consequences destruction of the world's oil supplies it was a terrible situation and it was right that we took the action that we did now the fact that the united nations didn't sanction it in terms of a second resolution does not change the fact that fourteen forty one said it was
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the final opportunity for him to comply now i'm a parent i have children i know that if i tell my children please come and do the washing up and they don't do it and i say look i've told. once already please come up if you have twelve years of that which is what we had with saddam hussein and you then come to the point where you say this is your final chance and he still does not comply then it's important that you take the ultimate sanction after that what about what happened afterwards there in both iraq and afghanistan the real violence began after the dictatorships were toppled do you see that happening in libya i think there is a danger of this and what you saw certainly in iraq was a complete failure of the occupying powers then to stabilize the situation and they let the the iraqi army keep their weapons but they disbanded the army and they said you must go back to your villages but you can keep your weapons this was insanity
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absolutely insanity and we must not be in a position of what we've done is created greater instability in libya that is absolutely clear. but nonetheless we equally must avoid is becoming an occupation force i think afghanistan is a very good example russia has a very bitter experience of afghanistan as as does britain of being an occupying power and you start off being a friend of someone and you end up being hated by everyone an occupying force is a very dangerous place to be and you should get out as quickly as you can what's the middle way that some would argue that nato stepping in has made this situation worse is it not their nature his responsibility to stay and clear up the matter you pose the question that really is how do you get to where you want to to be and of course the answer is well i wouldn't have started from here but you're right we're
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now in this situation and therefore what we have to do is to ensure that we provide support for stability without our cells being that stabilizing. military force it must not be that the new government relies on the military of britain and nato in order to maintain power they must be able to do that on their own we can give advice we can give help to help them stabilize the situation but we must not assume responsibility ourselves government insists that lessons were learned from what happened in iraq but given the way that this conflict been conducted do you believe that it's always a danger for every government in my view and every army to be fighting the last war. what you do is you learn lessons from one conflict which you then take on to the next but usually what you forget is that the
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context of the situation is different the next time and therefore the lessons that you've learnt from the previous experience may not be appropriate in the conflict that you are now fighting you mentioned the factions inside the national transitional council we now know that some of those factions are religious groups who hope to establish an islamic state in libya what will the attitude to that be do you think. nato and from the libyans themselves will they get a voice in this new democracy it's not for nato or for the else to allow but it's for the people of libya to decide what they want to do it's for them to decide their own future. in this country and. all across the world people have had to learn to live. with the fact that we have different religious views different ethical views nonetheless we have to live together we have to spine some means of sharing
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a society sharing the country and making it work for all of us i believe the people of libya are no less capable of doing that than the people of. the people of the united kingdom do you think that ultimately. will cause more trouble in the middle east region after all already deeply unstable so i think the most serious i think it will if if if nato stays there as an occupation force but i don't think that is going to happen i think the really troubling conflicts in the middle east at the moment are within syria i think if you look at bahrain and the way in which saudi arabia went into bahrain to prop up the oligarchy there against the wishes of the people these are the flashpoints in the middle east that still have not and. that is going to happen. once people have scented revolution once they have seen that freedom and
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a better life is possible i don't think they will go back under the yoke of the talk or see barry god and thank you very much. sixty six because it's the same you say other things i was doing in this reason we were given for doing it was a personal protest. during the vietnam war and emerge that altered the course of history this may take place on college campuses but if their ships penetrated elite military colleges like west point and spread throughout the battlefields of vietnam . today few people know about the g.i. movement against the war and. ask the army we always said free the army or fun travel and adventure but it really meant.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations are. today's news and this week's top stories levy as new leaders try to bring calm to tripoli after capturing the capital but the massive flood of weapons onto the streets means stability could still be a long way off. moscow slams the e.u.
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is new with sanctions on syria aimed to put pressure on president ossett over his crackdown on protesters but doubts over the accuracy of media coverage coming out of the country are raising questions about who's to blame for the bloodshed. ukraine threatens to take russia to court in its push for a discount on gas prices but the kremlin claims it's on solid ground in the looming battle same complaints have no legal ground. and hundreds of thousands rally across israel in the nation's biggest anti-government protests the demonstrators demand the authorities turn their attention from security to social justice. well here it was in the studio which means the latest sports update is with us as well and a very different fortunes for the russian players add the u.s. open yeah you're certainly right there are the men there are continuing to well hit the wrong shots or drop shots except to put the women are doing everything right
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for the last sixteen marina they are russian flushing meadows well we've gone there so who is going all the way new york and you're put me on the spot i'm going to have to say a russian for the women i'm going to go on a real where you can quote me next week i'm on the mend it really is difficult but it's hard to look past new york which more than all the rest of the sport and just a second. have your company's sports to be here in twenty four hours. including all this. rising. tennis star at the helm of the sea a publishing co but beats former world number one yankovic's to reach the fourth round flushing meadows. princes of the icy eskimo schools youth team the red army when the first ever world junior club ice hockey championships.
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jetting off russia are set to compete in the rugby world cup for the first ever time this year r t caught up with the squad before to fly to new zealand it's. tennis first where a quarter of the last sixteen players in the women's side of the u.s. open this year will be russian public is one of them victory over your limit yankovic's setting up a clash with francesca schiavone for the twenty year old serbian give it simply well on able to adjust to the russians aggressive style of play going down so poor stephenie next up for the said don't be fooled by the french open quarterfinals this year. meanwhile will do battle with the top ranked player of the championship was the. world number seventeen keeping cool calm on the about six point six two two it sounds. like he's up to herself reading from his
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king sixty six for the first month thanks to the days off against two thousand and four. so he was still waiting for. now it is not looking so rosy for russia's representatives in the men's side all things eager couldn't it's on the country's last hope of grand slam success this season after fell to world number one novak djokovic on saturday evening joker showing just why he's the bookies favorite to flushing meadows the serb marching into the run for the ocean six three six six when alexander to pull up next to the twenty four year old used even for a third major of the. roger federer is ruling on along as well the swiss making a fourth stage after a tough four seven contract with martin so late six three four six six four six two how it ended up one medical advisor right next to the. seriously don't care much
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how i'm playing i mean i wish played my best every single time and feel amazing but the reality is that everybody who goes to work knows not. as great as he wishes to be and we go through the same thing. on many people's side bet for success in new york mardy fish it's also made it into week two the world number eight taking care of the rangy south african kevin understand streets twenty nine year old fish i never made a lot of finals over me. let's leave tennis behind and talk ice hockey were russian side helping trying to ignore girl junior club world champions. schools you thought i fit the red army steamrolling over czech side energy but a month of watch the action unfold in siberia. even if some fans were disappointed by the fact that it wasn't canada playing the russians in the final the feelings of that paraded as if and sassy atmosphere at the sold out arena
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almost charged up the red army from the opening minutes of the match their czech opponents from carl of the bar eight were the only and b.'s and c's and this sort of means going into the final match against the red army while the russians were forced to take a tougher path after losing to latvia at the group stage however it was clear after the first period and three answered goals that the loss was merely a hiccup on the way to triumph the second period saw the russians ramp up the pressure on energy as that sentiment is up score in the high of blocking call puts another one on the scoreboard though the czechs managed to score after the first break it was nowhere near enough to match russia's three in the second period the visitors second goal of the match in the third period probably gave them a glimpse of hope but the red machine justified its nickname and made the score and unreachable seven to become a muslim but it will have unbelievable emotions with having had such and such an
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atmosphere that it sold things to the spectators i also think all my teammates and all of the soft man bas school is great on just happy. some of these guys could go on to play in the continental monkey or the cage shell and some might even make it to russia's national squad for the kind of fan support they experience here in arms would be a weekly affair but for now this unique siberian experience has probably helped them and the rest of the scenes at this certain build character and the invaluable family are at seat with the big game the junior club world cup organizers are aiming for all in djibouti and want this to become a yearly event after all there aren't too many international youth competitions in the world today and it was proved right here norms that the longer is there. the tremendous event. oh our. believe that they're here in. another world cup judging by the attendance at this first ever junior clad world
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cup plus there's been some good visiting scenes this sort of and has quite a lot of potential it's hard to say who will host next month thanks thanks i think the russians think that it's down to success among concert r.t. . let's hope so well let's move that goal for three company at the top of the deutsche bank championship leaderboard twenty eleven masters winner charl schwartzel bubba watson scott all on ten on or off the halfway stage in boston south africa and swartz hill was in second place after round one on caught fire in the front nine this time by carting six birdies that twenty seven year old then forced the card to get back nine bogeys however to finish with a sixty six watson meanwhile had an eagle on his scorecard as the w g c bridgestone invitational winner scott this one a nice way to finish the day for history in support of sport sixty three for the two thousand and three champ. casey stoner who secured pool for the summary no
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grand prix breaking his own lap record on the maisano circuit in the process the honda rider with a clock time of one minute thirty three point one three eight seconds beating his ability mark and edging on four yellow ends of the same stuff and second on third sunday stoner leads the championship by forty four points from the rental with half a dozen races. finally the russian rugby team fly to new zealand later on sunday ahead of their first ever much in the world cup a clash with the united states on september fifteenth richard from port fate caught up with the squad ahead of what's going to be the biggest tournament of their playing careers. the wait is almost over thirty players who fly to new zealand who have spent the last three months training intensively and gaining vital much experience however of a senior team if the place is club rugby in england he's delighted but russia can finally start to do their talking on the rugby pitch it's been hanging over us the
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you know if the idea of the world cup that's just coming close by a day last month or so surreal us is just a bit of a relief when it's finally come however before they leave they spoke to the media about their hopes and expectations ahead of what would be the greatest moment so far in baseball in career is russia one of the tournaments minnows but given all times and he just glad to have made it couldn't even dream of it when i was younger yeah playing the russian and even playing for us at the world cup stage so now here are the last three years it has been a dream and i have travelled literally have a head for the l.a. to get to russia still have a long way to go until they can even think of being able to compete on a level playing field with the likes of new zealand and australia however the president of a russian rugby union has before his country finally made it to the finals will
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help boost the profile of the sport here suit his first term ever we want to fight for the rugby world cup it is a great achievement for us from team for russian right because never before with just such an opportunity to play with their. most famous and strongest teams of course if we're going to easier to play with them or force them to maybe some of these teams technique is for the players for developing professional rugby it's a great experience rusher play their first match of the tournament on september fifteenth against the united states of america. given they are in a group of italy australian. and oil and its game would be americans russian coaching staff will be targeting as a look to become the first dead beaton's to ever win the manchuria first world cup mean more form all black legend sean fitzpatrick is delighted to see russia have made it to the world camp and he says the whole of new zealand is buzzing ahead of
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the tournament which kicks off in front of the ninth of september he said i can't wait i was not here any seven last time we had a player and i have a lot of times to new zealand sun sand you know as a nation. as four million people talk about a stadium a four million people and then looking forward to welcoming the rugby world despite a disappointing tour of united kingdom recently where the russians lost only four games against english the world cup sides in the russian camp is highly even if they lose all four games in new zealand the most important thing is that they have become the first players to represent their country of the third biggest sporting event in the world which bump orthodoxy moscow. yeah exciting times ahead for them that is all this for fire weather is next.
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but. first. let's see.
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today's news and this week's top stories media's new leaders tried to bring calm to tripoli after capturing the capital but the massive flood of weapons on the streets means stability could still be a long way off. moscow's slams that new with sanctions on syria while lack of
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accurate media coverage coming out of the country raises questions as to who is to blame for the bloodshed. burning controversy ukraine threatens to take russia to court insisting on lower gas prices but the kremlin says it's on solid ground in the latest round of an old battle. chief says it wants to discount the russian gas but it has no legal grounds to alter the contract for the latest details joining us from kiev in just several minutes. and a night of rage in israel hundreds of thousands rally in the nation's biggest protests demanding the authorities turn their attention from security to social justice. one pm in the russian capital you're watching r t on marina joshie welcome to.


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